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Our Story

We help people achieve financial freedom by empowering them at every phase of their lives. We have innovation in our veins. And people in our hearts.

Before we earn our keep, we earn the trust of our customers and our communities globally. Every transaction with us is effortless, and every interaction is a delight.

Together, we are more than just an insurance company. We are a technology-empowered, innovative financial services partner.

And we are key to your financial freedom.


To empower people with control over their financial wellbeing, at every phase in their lives.


An Innovative financial services company committed to a better way for you and our community globally.



By practicing Risk Pooling management, ProCap spreads financial risks evenly among a large number of people so each individual will not suffer a catastrophic financial burden.

Procap Formula

ProCap formula relies on the Law of Large Numbers to help estimate the value and frequency of future claims they will pay to Policyholders. Implementing specific Quantum units for different prediction scenarios, ProCap can cover the Player’s capital for seven consecutive losses and yet remain sustainable.

Our Model


Policyholders pay a premium to ProCap Insurance which covers potential losses incurred by them.

3 WAY BENEFIT Policyholders

Policyholders can participate in games that Operators provide, enabling them to generate stable Daily Earnings at close to zero risk.


Operators will receive a flow of NEW potential businesses and Policyholders referred through ProCap Insurance while simultaneously protecting Policyholders from their Losses, which creates sustainability and longevity for their business.

Value to Policyholders


We aim to forge long-term relationships with our operators and Policyholders, that is built on trust.


We offer more than just the insurance policy. We also provide expert risk management and business continuity advice, alongside broader protection services, to ensure you are protected against unforeseen circumstances.


Our absolute dedication to our client service proposition and the consistent thread of quality that runs throughout our business is something we think you’ll notice right away.


About Company

Who is ProCap Insurance?

ProCap Insurance is a general insurance provider which provides insurance coverage for your capital when you engage in predictions games from authorized operators.

Where is ProCap Insurance registered?

ProCap Insurance is registered in the Republic of Seychelles.

Where are ProCap Insurance’s offices located?

ProCap Insurance’s office is currently located in Manila, Philippines.

What are the services/products available?

ProCap Insurance provides insurance coverage for your capital when you engage in predictions games from authorized operators.

Where can I experience ProCap’s insurance coverage live? Is this available 24/7?

Policyholders can experience our coverage live at Nagaworld of Phnom Penh, Crown International Casino of Danang, Hoiana Casino of Quảng Nam, Resort World Manila, and Dream Tower of Jeju Island. Presently, this service is only available with prior booking.

How can I contact the customer service team?

You may wish to drop us an email at

Withdrawal/Deposit Related

What are the available modes of deposit?

You may deposit USDT through the (ERC20) and (TRC20) networks.

Why is my deposit not reflected in the system?

Please check if your deposit was made to the wrong address or network chain. If you wish to clarify further, please get in touch with our customer service team.

How long does it take for my deposit to be reflected?

Deposits will be reflected after five confirmations on the blockchain. This process usually takes an estimated ten minutes or less, subjected to blockchain traffic conditions.

What if my deposit is made to the wrong address or network chain?

ProCap Insurance is not liable for any wrong address or network chain deposits.

What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10USDT.

Are there any charges or fees for withdrawals?

No, there are none. However, there is a 3% conversion fee applicable for all transfers from the earnings wallet to the USDT wallet.

What are the available modes of withdrawal?

All withdrawals will be made USDT through the (TRC20) network.

How long does it take for withdrawals to reach me?

Withdrawals are processed and disbursed within 24 hours. Depending on network conditions, it should reach you within a day.

How long is the process of my policy termination if no claims have been made?

The process of a policy termination may take up to 10 working days.

I have not received my withdrawal, although the system indicated the withdrawal was successful; what happened?

You may have entered the wrong withdrawal address, or the address given is for a different network chain. Policyholders are reminded to double-check the withdrawal address before confirming the withdrawal. ProCap Insurance is not liable for loss of funds from any human error on the policyholder’s end.

Why is my withdrawal rejected?

Withdrawals may be rejected for wrong withdrawal addresses or missing characters in the withdrawal address. If you are still unsure, please contact customer service for more details.

Can I still apply for withdrawal after making a claim?

You may still withdraw earnings or commissions during the cooling period of 100 days, subject to the minimum withdrawal amounts. Policyholders can only surrender/terminate the insurance policy after a cooling period of 100 days from a claim.

Can I continue playing prediction games after terminating my insurance policy?

Yes, you may continue playing using the balance from your USDT Wallet. However, ProCap Insurance will NOT be liable for any losses as you are no longer covered under ProCap Insurance.


How do I apply for an account?

You may look for the person who introduced ProCap Insurance to you for more information.

Can I apply for an account without purchasing any insurance policy?

Yes, you may apply for an account without purchasing any insurance policy. However, your account will not be covered nor be eligible to receive any rewards.

How do I reset my password?

You may reset your password from the forgot password function on the login page.

What if I forgot my username?

You may contact our customer service to retrieve your username.

Why is my account suspended?

It could be due to deviation from the Procap formula or various other reasons which may lead to an account being suspended. Please get in touch with customer service for more information.

How do I make a claim?

All claims are automated and processed within 24 hours.

What happens after a claim has been made?

After a claim has been made, the account will enter a cooling period of 100 days.

Why can’t I log on to make my predictions?

Your account may have been suspended. Please get in touch with customer service for more information.

What are the premiums for each policy?

Premium is calculated based on 50% of the Earnings for the day.

Prediction Related

Are the prediction games Real-Time?

Yes, all prediction games are live.

How many sets of predictions can I make in a day?

Policyholders are insured daily until the first win or meet the conditions that trigger the insurance coverage, whichever comes first.

Do I have to play consecutive rounds, or can I take a break between games?

You may take a break between games but are reminded to complete the first win or meet the conditions that trigger the insurance coverage, whichever comes first, to prevent any penalties.

Can I opt-in for automated after I have already played today but have not achieved a win or met the conditions that trigger the insurance coverage?

No, you may not. Opting in for automated plays will only take effect from the next day onwards. Policyholders are advised to complete the first win or meet the conditions that trigger the insurance coverage, whichever comes first, to prevent any penalties.

What happens when I consecutively predict seven predictions wrongly?

Upon making seven consecutive wrong predictions in a day, the claim will be automatically triggered, and your coverage will cease for the day. Your account will enter a cooling period of 100 days.

What is the daily cut-off time for making predictions?

Daily prediction cut-off time at 21:55 (GMT +7). Policyholders are reminded to achieve their first win or meet the conditions that trigger the insurance coverage, whichever comes first before the cut-off time.

What happens when the quantum placed is incorrect?

When the quantum placed is incorrect, the account will be suspended. Please contact customer service to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Do note that policyholders are liable for the losses in the wrongly placed quantum round, and an additional penalty will be imposed.

Will there be a penalty if no predictions are made for the day?

A daily penalty equivalent to 50% of the policy’s minimum or starting quantum will be imposed if the policyholders do not play online prediction games within 24 hours.

Will there be a penalty if predictions are not completed for the day?

Yes, the penalty will be half of starting quantum of the respective policy subscribed.

Is there an automated function for making predictions?

Yes, we provide an automated service for making predictions with a 20% fee on the earnings.

What if my connection is disrupted after making my predictions?

If your connection is disrupted, please log in to check on the status of your latest prediction. Your next play quantum will be based on the last round’s results.

What happens if there is a Draw or Tie scenario? What do I do next?

If a Draw or Tie occurs, please place the same quantum on your next prediction.